Girls, Why do other people make me feel like I'm invisible?

I admit I'm not a social guy (I'm a very private person), however other people (family and friends) make me feel like I'm invisible. I feel like I don't belong. I feel useless when I'm around them, and I use to be the one that put smiles on other people faces. I think me having a girlfriend would help, because at least she will pay attention to me, and let me do things with her. Then again I have a problem in that area too, because I'm not the swaggy, thuggiest, toughess black man in the world which means it's hard for me to get a woman to notice me. So all around I feel totally isolated. Can someone please give me some light or point me in the right direction. I tried to kill myself like twice, but the Lord won't let me and He whispered in my ear "I still love you!". I'm thinking of going to online school to be a Prophet, because their are a lot of blogs I've read that states that prophets go threw this type of stuff, where they feel rejected by everyone.


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  • All your problems will be solved by taking some dance lessons - ballroom includes everything from tango to salsa and open up new social experiences. Guys are in demand and cherished in such venues due to high gal demand

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