Do you think my boyfriend deserves a chance? Please help?

Okay he's an asshole and a jerk. But sometimes he's sweet and today is our anniversary. I said such mean shit and i feel so bad. He sent me paragraphs saying that how he wanted to be a good boyfriend and how he fcked up and how he just doesn't want the other guy (my best friend Justin) with me. He's litterally crying and i feel really bad. He said "choose anyone and i'll always support you, i know i fcked up but i learned my mistakes i mean it" i said such mean shit that it reminded him of his past. He knows he fcked up and he said that he wanted to fix things between us, but i just became so mean he said he deserved it for whatever he did. The problem is whenever he apologises the does it again but he made me feel so bad he cried. If i stay with my boyfriend My best friend justin is waiting for me to break up with him and date him. What do i do?


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  • Honestly, I think you're better off ending this relationship. If he's only sweet "sometimes" and continuously does the same hurtful things to you over and over again, then the best thing you can do for yourself is to call it off. Additionally, it MIGHT give him the wake-up call that he needs. HOWEVER, if you do end the relationship, it should be for your own good and NOT to change him.

    Plus, realistically speaking, most romances at your age don't last. Better to cut your losses and move on.


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  • Don't stay with your boyfriend.

    ". Okay he's an a*****e and a jerk."

    Also, you said he goes back to being a jerk after you accept his apologies...

    And don't go back just because you feel bad that he cried.

    Maybe say sorry for saying harsh things but don't go back if you don't want to.

    • I want to leave my boyfriend but.. i don't wanna hurt him. What do i do.

    • He's so sad.

    • Don't stay if you know it's not going to workout.
      Just don't be harsh.

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  • I would say your friend was never your friend just the guy waiting to have a chance to walk off the friend zone and go to the next level whit you. Your actual boyfriend, I don't know what he did but if he is repeating something he shouldn't over and over again it means he don't feel fulfill in the relationship. Maybe we only want to hang on you instead of moving on.


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  • i dont think he does.