Do you have a song that reminds you of your grandparents?

My grandparents sadly passed away many years ago, but there are a few songs which remind me of them.

my dads parents.
my nan = forever autumn
my granddad = thunderchild

both songs are from the war of the worlds soundtrack.

my mums parents
my grandad = vincent by don mclean


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  • Never knew either of my grandpas my dads dad died when he was 16 but he left my grandma when my dad was 3 my moms bad I met once when I wasn't even one yet and he died from lung cancer so I don't know with of them very well and both of my grandmas are crazy my dads mom is a hoarder like the ones you see on TV its that bad I got told I've never been in her house and she would choose her animals over my step grandpa who has two kids with her which are in there old age and my moms mom his menaly crazy when my mom was a kid her mom tried killing your self many times and once my mom was in the car when she tried killing herself and she's been to a mental hospital twice and the doctor there said that the nurses have never fought before and after two days of being there she had the nurses fighting she so manipulating she got them to fight and my mom said when she was a kid she was like that and she's like that now but she even worse she was in my life all of my childhood but she went to crazy she called my mom a bitch so we haven't seen her in a year now so if theirs a song about crazy people and people you didn't know then that would be a sing that would remind me of them


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  • Ten Years Gone - Led Zeppelin. Mostly because the last time I saw them was when I had a huge phase with that song, now it reminds me of France too.


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  • Mine are thankfully still with me. I always think of them whenever I hear the song 'Bobby's girl' because my grandfather is called Bob and my grandmother likes to sing it to him :)


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