Where should we dispose of the homeless?

Des Moines Iowa is a great Christian state with good Christian people and I was curious as to what we should do to get rid of the homeless people that live here. We really don't need to see packs of poor people under bridges etc. It is unsighlty and unreasonable to think we should tolerate the sight of these dirty criminals. What do you suggest we do and where should we take them? https://whotv.com/2014/06/06/homeless-dispute-city-asking-homeless-to-pack-up-and-leave/

  • Seattle
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  • Portland
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  • France
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  • Near New Jersey
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  • New Jersey
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  • Wood chipper in the backyard
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  • Antartica
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  • We should give them your house, troll.

    • Bless you my precious child

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  • Well, clearly religious self determination does not equate to a sense of morality. Therefore, I propose you move all non homeless people to new jersey and let the homeless stay in Iowa. Who the fuck wants to live in des Moines besides people who can live there for free?


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  • Why would you assume the homeless are criminals, and clearly the 'christian' people there aren't christian enough. God says to to take care of the poor, not dispose of them like waste.

  • I'd much rather dispose of holier-than-thou Christians with pickles up their arses, but that's not an option in the poll.

  • Christians are the ones who do everything they can to help other people. Wanting to dispose of all the homeless in another state, so that you don't see them, doesn't actually help them, it helps you feel less guilty for not helping them. I would suggest to make a place where they can sleep, eat and get medical exams for free, in exchange for working for the local community, while you encourage and aid them in finding a job or get an education

    • Not a big fan of communism but I will take your answer into consideration.

  • Are you just mad because your home under the bridge is becoming over populated?

    • The governor of Florida kicked me out from under there. Can I live with you?

    • Depends on what your future trolls are like lol

      Also that is a horrible thing to do, wtf is wrong with people.

    • (people are horrific and have no soul. Check out the 15 year guys answer and comments. Please explain to him what this question meant. Glad you got it)
      I am a friend;y and very neat troll and would be a great addition to your home.

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  • I'm glad you asked this question.

    Because I got to see a bunch of people respond.


  • You aren't a very good christian.

    • I go to church every Sunday and raise my children to be Christian.

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    • Because you believe you should just discard the homeless instead of helping them. That is a sin that you aren't sorry for. You aren't doing what the church is truly saying. You're just being foolish.

    • I am busy most of the time but God bless you anyway. Huckabee in 2016!

  • Holy the shit.

    Man, if you're gonna make a troll question, at least make it not offensive. PLZ?

    • It's called raising awareness not trolling. Americans that have it well just walk right by the homeless and think nothing of it. Others want to actually dispose of the homeless and or move them so they will not be seen. How awful for a rich person to have to suffer seeing ugly dirty homeless people? Get it?

    • (facepalm)

      Okay, let's PRETEND you're not trolling. You idiot, the homeless are human beings and have every right to live in your city as you do. Don't go so far as to "deport" them to another city! Just because they got unlucky doesn't mean THEY need to be punished for your "suffering."

    • Maybe someone else can explain this to you? Could you take the time maybe and look up the word "facetious"?

  • Send them to Antarctica.

    • With or without mittens?