Im suddenly depressed and don't know how to handle it?

I'm on welbrution, but a few days ago it just seemed like it wasn't working so I just stopped taking it which I know I shouldn't do, but im kinda just at a loss. Several things have happened lately just to put me further and further down. I really feel like cutting, which I did for several years, but have since stopped. Im not going to, I just feel the need to. I'm just kinda lost in this rabbit hole of past sadness and present sadness in a huge mix.


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  • Hey take the meds dont cut and believe in yourself that its going to get better. look up not down and you will feel calmer.


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  • see a doctor.


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  • Work out and get some testosterone flowing
    Works well as an outlet for me

    • Thats actually part of the reason im depressed (though I do appreciate your advice). I have been on my school's cross country team for 2yrs but had to quit this year because of two asthma attacks during practice WHILE the coach was yelling at me for having them and to go faster.

    • Everything consider weights instead?

    • No I haven't but thats a good suggestion

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