Do you believe life is about going solo or working together and getting help?

I've always been a lone gunner, I try to do everything by myself and never ask for help when I really need it. My father was like this and he died without a single friend. I haven't had a single friend in almost a decade because I cut everyone out of my life when I needed them the most, I thought I'd just handle it all by myself and reappear when I'm better.

I'm starting to consider that maybe life is about reaching out to others and working together, sharing some of your suffering so others can shoulder some of it, that it's not about holding it all i and doing it yourself.

What are your beliefs when it comes to this topic?

  • I believe life is about running solo and handling it all by yourself
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  • I believe life is about reaching out and sharing it with others
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  • I believe that you make your own success.

    I'm all for working together and being part of a group but I don't rely on others, I want to be responsible for my own actions and lifestyle. I bring up my two children with my partner but I do all of it without relying on him because he works long days and I'm training to be a doctor so it is tough but I believe in myself and although sometimes it is isolating it's worth it. Nothing wrong with being alone if you're not lonely and I'm quite happy to go through life relying on myself but I'm also able to look to others for support if I really need it.


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  • Humans weren't meant to be loners, but social beings. I think life would be more fulfilling for you if you had some peeps to party with and laugh with and create awesome memories with and so on.

  • It would be nice to have many other people help n work together but in reality people are selfish and truly all we have is ourselves. When things are beyond at its lowest THEN that's when people need and decide to help each other which is pretty fucked up! But in the long run its always just us to rely on ourselves.


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