Girls, I noticed something similar?

I noticed a similarity between a woman and a PlayStation 4. both are high in demand by men, and deal with guys competing for them.

I know this cuz I have to compete with many guys to get a girl. I see about 3-4 guys flirting with the girl I like. and PS4 bundles on Amazon are almost always sold out during preorders (they sell out FAST)


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  • I'm not sure how this is unique. Women are also capable of having a demand in men (if they are looking for a relationship) and also have to compete. If you think no girl has ever had to face that reality then you should maybe play less PlayStation and read up on female experiences. It's also a very big misconception that every woman has plenty men chasing them at any given time. This is complete and utter bullshit that some men have led themselves to believe for reasons I do not even understand.


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