3 truths 1 lie?

I'll tell you 4 facts about myself, 3 of them will be true and 1 will be a lie. You try to guess witch one is a lie❀

1. I have 3 brothers.
2. I have 1 sister.
3. I have never had my first kiss.
4. I own a (stuffed) unicorn.

Witch one is a lie?

Put your own 3 truths 1 lie in the comments, and I'll guess witch one is the lie❀


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  • I'm guessing that number 2 is a lie!
    1.) I just got finished writing a song and recording all the instrument parts for it.
    2.) I pour my milk in before my cereal.
    3.) I listen to the pop rock band "Boys Like Girls" but also to rock and metal bands.
    4.) I have auditioned for America's Got Talent. There is a video of the audition tape on youtube.

    Which one is a lie? :D


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  • 1 and 2 look like fillers... so I go with 4!

    1. I drink almost 1 liter of milk every day
    2. I had a car crash last year
    3. I'm studying for the second time
    4. I share pervy videos on the internet

    good luck ;)

    • You got it wrong! I love Mr. Unicorn❀

      I wanna go with 4... But I think 2?

    • haha yes I wished too it was 4 :s
      but you are correct, it's 2 :)

    • YAY!

  • You've had your first kiss.

    I've never been to prison.
    I've never made anyone cry.
    I don't use Facebook.
    I've lived in more that 2 countries.

  • first kiss is a lie

    1. I almost died at birth
    2. I have been Arrested
    3. my favorite milk is chocolate
    4. I once ate a thermometer

  • #2 is a lie.

    My turn:

    1. I've jumped out of a plane without a parachute.
    2. I was once face to face with a lion and been have been shot.
    3. I had a pet chicken while I lived in the city.
    4. I can't swim but can ride a horse.

  • I'll just go random and say that the second one is a lie.

    1. I've had 5 near-death experiences.
    2. I wanna live a really long life.
    3. I'm strangely attracted to dangerous situations.
    4. I find humans harder to understand than other creatures.

    • You got it... Right! I have no sisters.

      This is a hard one... 4?

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    • Really?

    • Life seems too boring when you're old and I'll probably reach all my life goals by then... I know, I'm weird :P

  • 1. I breathe oxygen
    2. I eat food
    3. I drink water
    4. I have a pet dragon that sleeps on my lap

    Good luck, suckers.

  • My puppy is a German Shepherd
    I am 6'1
    I am a physics geek
    I am a great driver πŸ˜›


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  • I think number 2 is a lie.

    1. I had surgery when I was only a week old that saved my life.
    2. I was born with black hair.
    3. I've never dated in my life.
    4. I've swam with dolphins at SeaWorld.

  • I m going to guess the sister is a lie

    1 I have only ever told one guy I like him
    2 I have four brothers
    3 Im allergic to peanuts
    4 Im in love with almond roca

    • Ya you got it right :)

      I guess number 1?

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    • Ya I guess... Are they older or younger?
      2 of mine are older and one is yonuger

    • theyre all older :)

  • -I hate stuff toys and never had a teddy bear.
    -I'm very talkative but when it comes to the topic of kiss and stuff/ someone touches me. I become very shy.
    -I freak out everytime someone ask me out on a date.
    -I don't like peanut butter

  • 4 is the lie! :b

    Now my turn...

    1. I have a black cat.
    2. I drink beer every week.
    3. I run twice a week.
    4. I never used Tinder.

    Ahah :)

    • I have a unicorn...

      And I guess 2?

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    • Number... 4?

    • It was number 1 :D
      I do have a cat, but it's not black :P

  • 1. I like to grocery shop
    2. I am a whiz at math
    3. I think aretha Franklin is the greatest singer ever
    4. I like the show breaking bad

  • 1. I'm 5'1
    2. I have 2 brothers
    3. I have a sister
    4. I've dyed my hair twice