Do you realize how many sites track you?

Install Ghostery because on this site there are over 50 trackers that Ghostery has stopped. It's just a warning. Or you could use the deep web.


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  • Meh , don't really mind being tracked. If being tracked means they give me more accurate search results and I don't have to dig for things I am interested in. All the power to them.

    My hands are clean.

    • Then you know not much about the deep web aka Tor Browser. You don't want to be tracked, sir.

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    • @ThisIsAUserNameFact Who are you talking to?

    • I was just augmenting what I said in agreement and response to what you said.

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  • Good looking out sista!!! I appreciate it, I installed the ad-on to my browser and you weren't kidding.

    • Dude, no problem. Ghostery and Ad-Block is a must have as far as I'm concerned. Glad I could help :3

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  • Oh how interesting. Hmm I need to install it. Thanks for the info. 😊