A guy offended me by implying that I'm short. What do you think?

So long story, short. We're talking about an MMA fighter who's listed as 5'5" in google. I say to him, "he's short yeah"... Then he said to me, "yeah, maybe like you"

I was just what the fuck, did he just imply that I'm short? And even if he did, why the fuck did he express that? I never called ugly people ugly nor did I ever imply that unless I was quarelling with the guy.

Either way, there's nothing I can do about it. It's not like I am being called stupid (where I can study more) or poor (wher I can work harder) or fat (where I can diet) or anything that nature allows us to change. I'm just stuck here. I've been angry all these years because I was given this unnecessary hardship, something that wasn't supposed to end up that way. But my anger doesn't make life has mercy on me.


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  • He was probably just joking around... if you took it that seriously it's obviously a touchy subject


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