The most beautiful music you've ever heard?

I just had to share the last of the Mohicans theme!, what's yours?


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  • I like Edvard Grieg's "Morning Mood" a lot:

    I also like the title theme of the movie Amélie a lot:

    For me it's actually more about the particularly atmosphere when I listen to a beautiful piece than about the piece itself. For example three years ago I was in Paris with my girlfriend. We found this really cool and super cozy book store, hidden away in a small alley. I think it was something that usually only the locals go to... at least there weren't a lot of tourists. The store almost looked like it was cut out of a Harry Potter movie. There were old, high wooden shelfs with thousands of books in them that reached all the way to the ceiling. The space between the shelfs was pretty small. There was a carpet floor and big, antique looking lamps that hung down from the ceiling (the light was sort of dim). And almost like in a movie, the store owner was a really old, dreamy looking guy with big glasses, sitting on an office chair behind piles of books. We looked around there for a while because there were also a lot of books in German and English, until we heard a sound from upstairs. We walked up a narrow wooden spiral stairs to the second floor, which looked quite similar to the ground floor, but there were also some arm chairs standing around where you could sit down and read. And in one of the rooms, there was a girl in her 20s sitting on a piano and playing this piece. My girlfriend and me just sat down and listened to her playing while the rain dripped against the windows. It felt almost magic ;-).

  • Three songs in the world have made me cry, ever, this is one:
    Scorpions - Far Away

  • Didn't even take a second to decide.

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