Why are you a feminist?

As a guy, I can't help but feel that Feminism often attempts to make itself look like a complete and total joke. It's followers are often complete blind to the hardships of the other race, but are more than capable ot perceiving anything that would harm women in any way, shape or form (sometimes, not really).
I'd love to know what makes you a feminist? I'm going with the modern definition of Feminism.


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  • As long as boys and men who display their perfectly natural human emotions are mocked and derisively called girls/bitches/pussies, there is a need for feminism.
    As long as there are countries where women are disowned or killed by their families for being raped, or married off to their rapists, there is a need for feminism.
    As long as women being targeted by their current or former romantic partners make up the largest demographic of homicide victims in America, there is a need for feminism.
    As long as stay at home fathers are mocked and told they're not real men for letting their female partner take financial care of their family, there is a need for feminism.
    As long as male victims of female domestic abuse and rape are not taken seriously or supported because people are stuck thinking how could a man possibly let a woman, his inherent inferior, do such things to him, there is a need for feminism.
    As long as there are thousands, if not millions, of people who genuinely believe that women shouldn't be in leadership positions because of hormones, there is a need for feminism.
    As long as "you ____ like a girl" is used as an insult, and most insults towards men target their masculinity or accuse them of femininity, there is a need for feminism.
    As long as women are shamed for things men are glorified for, there is a need for feminism.
    As long as women get an advantage in custody battles because society has painted a picture of us as being inherently maternal and made for nothing more than child rearing, there is a need for feminism.
    As long as women are denied the right to bodily autonomy, there is a need for feminism.

    There is no country in the world where feminism isn't necessary, for the benefit of women and men. Because patriarchal views and the demonizing of everything arbitrarily deemed feminine or even loosely associated with women have harmful effects on everyone.

    • You're confusing egalitarianism with Feminism.
      I also used the term modern Feminism, so your views do not fit into the criteria I described.

    • The definition of feminism (based on merriam-webster) :the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes

      While egalitarianism is defined as:
      a belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic affairs.

      Umm nope I'm confused. You clearly do not understand the modern definition of feminism.

    • Textbook definition of Feminism =/= conventional definition of Feminism.
      Sure, if you look up the dictionary, it does state that Feminism advocates for an equal society among both sexes. However, if you were to actually closely observe modern Feminism, it is quite far from that.

      The reason why I said 'modern' definition is to ensure that ambiguities cannot be made.
      Modern Feminism does not support an equal society in any way, shape or form.

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  • There is no "modern definition" of feminism there's just one definition of feminism and it's definitely not the one that stuck up machos like you try to make out of it. Feminism is simply fighting for women so they can have equal rights. Exactly in the same way that say, Martin Luther King was fighting for black folks to have equal rights. I can't here this "feminists want female supremacy" bullshit anymore. It makes me so angry. This is NOTHING any feminist EVER said. It's bullshit that patriarchic jerks came up with to discredit feminism. It's exactly the same that was happening in the 1960s when white racists started saying stuff like "black civil rights' activists want to create a black dictatorship and suppress us white people". It's a lie and a very vicious one that is.

    • Is it okay when women make claims about unequal wages that don't even turn out to be sensible?
      Is it okay when women think it's okay that men shouldn't lay their fingers on a woman, but the reverse is considered deplorable?
      Is it okay when women make a big fuss about how they are negatively portrayed in various sorts of media, but are act completely oblivious when men are also portrayed in another negative way?

      Just to name a few. You probably have not come across anything of this sort, if you dare to make such claims.

      There is a difference between that civil rights movement you speak of, and Feminism.
      Those activists are actually genuine. The things that black people experienced could actually be felt and seen.
      Feminism, however, it's not grounded in any sort of reality. More like a load of pre-pubescent whining for the sake of it.

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    • True. Women do earn less on average. But they also tend to work less hours. The two are directly proportional.
      Regarding why women tend not to get such high pay jobs.. Well, first you have to look up at the number of men to women qualified for the task ratio.

      I'm sorry, you're the one that's confused.
      Maybe your country has a different outlook on Feminism. But I assure you, that the definition of Feminism you're attempting to use is severely obsolete. Feminism (in most modern places in the world at least) is vasty different from what it used to be. There's a plethora of Youtube videos and Tumblr post which could indicate this vey fact to you.

      Now i'm going to post you a question. What is the definition of Feminism do you actually use? Because if we were to go with the one based on the dictionary
      (based on merriam-webster) :the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes

    • It clearly indicates that Feminism advocates the rights for both genders, thus this completely demolishes any established points you have in your paragraph about 'true Feminism'.

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  • I'm not a feminist.

  • because i like having basic human rights?

    • At the cost of other losing their rights?
      Maybe you do have your basic rights, but you don't even realise it?

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    • no one is tipping the balance over
      i myself am happy with how things are currently , im not a feminazi

      but it seems like men are the ones with the problem and a lot of them feel like that because they can't control women... or should i say oppress them like back in the day

    • I honestly have no idea what you're saying. I'd appreciate if you could be a tad bit more clear?

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  • Not... egalitarian

  • I was a feminst because I thought it would get me pussy, I was wrong.

    • Typical example of a male feminist, does not care about equality just wants to get laid.

    • I should try this out xD