Is America an inherently Racist country, full of ingrated unyielding bigots or is it given a bad name by a minority?

I am Irish, but have lived and worked in the States a few times and find Americans great and very welcoming people- quite opposite to their reputation

Was I just very lucky, or is the view of them, like many things in Life- vastly over exaggerated with the focus always on the negative/bad?


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  • It is given a bad name by a minority


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  • no I think we live in a pretty good country for stuff like that.

    • So, you think there is a Racist stream through 'Old Glory'

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    • I've also been robbed by blacks at knife point so I don't know I just think that shitty people exist and shitty people will always exist and its not so much that they are racist as much as they need something to belong too.

    • Before I first went to the States in 83, i was warned about how they hated 'outsiders'. When i got there, even as a 12 year old, i couldn't get over how welcoming they were. And been back many time since, and even worked and lived there. Like you, I think most are awesome, but, as with many things the 'retards' get publicized :(

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