Girls, Can any of you agree with my belief and opinions over the equality for girls?

I understand that both genders have things they want equal, but I feel that the hard fact is, girls are by far treated unequally, and mostly by men. Feel free to explain why I am wrong to claim this. Men have just always disrespected and treated girls as unequal, inferior beings to them since the beginning of history. Girls are still the most unfairly treated gender by men. I believe that educating men and gaining the equality for girls should be our main focus for the better of everyone.


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  • Things are different for each and every girl. Because I'm small guys treat me like a princess but some of my female friends aren't quite treated the same way. Guys don't like them as much and would talk about them sometimes. If they can't reach something on a shelf, they get no help. If I can't, there's always help. Even when we're together it's clear. It's not the same for every girl.