I am worried about this particular girl if she could get me in trouble?

So i just know her on the internet, she just told me her dad had told her she should lose weight and I suggested to her she should exercise and its okay for parents to be harsh sometimes even if we hate it. She got really pissed. All this was on facebook. Now its been 5h and she isn't there, never seen this. If she did something stupid, could it get me in trouble?


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  • I don't think so. You just sympathised with her, and told her quite rationally to just exercise. It's not like you told her to kill herself.

    • what if i have done naughty stuff with her before, naughty chats i mean, can that be relevant

    • I don't think so. Regardless of your relationship with someone from a legal standpoint there is little chance the police would go after you if you said nothing that implies you wanted her dead etc. This is of course all assuming that is the case. She could just be pissed.

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