Soo I just had my first kiss.. read please?

so last night I had my first kiss hahaha (I'm 14) and I'm really confused about it... I've like him for about 4 1/2 years and he's kind of turned in to a fuck boy over the years (yes I know, not good😂) anyways, he always talks about all of the other girls he's interested in and he's had a few girlfriends over the years but we have always sort of had a thing and flirted a lot. so last night was his birthday and he invited me and two other friends and we made out and was like grinding on me and he put my hand on his dick and he touched me a lot. it was a little awkward since I have no experience whatsoever and he said he didn't like kissing as much since he sucks at it so we didn't do it as much. and I liked it and everything but I'm just super confused... was he just looking for a birthday kiss or is he actually interested in me because he's never made a move on me and has never said he's liked me unless it was in a joking manner. and I'm scared it could ruin or friendship because we're also on the same swim team so we see each other everyday and swim in the same lane.. can someone explain what he's thinking?


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  • Was he drunk? Or anything like that? I mean, by the way you described him, he looks like a player and not boyfriend material. Since you are so young, you need to think about what you want: do you just want to play around with boys like this or do you want to find a good guy that could possibly turn out to be your boyfriend? If you answered the second option, that means you should not be thinkin romantically about this guy. And honey, when you said that he said he didn't like kissing... that, for me, is a huge allert that he might not be in love with you, he is just taking advantage. Be careful and don't do anything you don't want to. You will find guys that are worth it, believe me :)

    • yeahh I was thinking that :/ but thank you so much☺️☺️

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