Is it normal or am I fussin' about nothin'?

Today, while I was talkin' to my boyfriend (skype video call since we are in a distance relationship) we're both happy, and then that day came where today, I felt he was masturbatin' while he was talkin' to me, this happened few times before in my previous relationship, I don't mean any harm it's a human nature, I understand that he's a guy and has needs too, he was lyin' down facin' his smart phone ( only his face and his shoulder were the only members I was able to see) then he was like shakin' or movin' and it brought flashbacks to me, I felt like it was gross, I didn't ask if he was doin' that, or what he was doin' then he was puttin' a pillow by the way his thigh (you know which part I mean) I'm not sayin' I've never saw a dick, or Actin' like a Saint, but how can I explain this, I felt disgustin' towards myself!


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  • Hi,

    I'm a guy, so I'm not looking at this from a woman's viewpoint, but if a guy is beating off while talking to you, but not in a sexual context, I would find it weird indeed. I mean, mutual masturbation over Skype in a long-distance relationship could be cool, but just beating off is weird.


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