Girls, Are there any girls at all who agree with me that girls are the dominant gender?

I know the whole "we are all equal" blah blah, but I have always believed, and will continue to believe that girls are the more dominant gender. Dominance is about so much more than physical strength, because for example, girls don't need that treat for dominance, that is what men are for, get me? Can any girls agree with me that girls are the dominant ones?


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  • This isn't a strong argument.

    • Well really, i dont look to argue, just the opinions that girls already have based off their own ideas and common knowledge. I just find so much many more reasons to feel they are the more dominant gender. I also find that girls (not all) have the most kind and caring compassion for humankind of the 2 genders, and that is a huge reason i find them as dominant.

    • Well yes women are generally more caring but that isn't a sign of dominance.

    • It is a necessary dominance. Regardless, I support equality and believe everyone deserve to be treated just as fairly and equally as the next guy. I do not support the idea of girls having more power and control than men. i just believe that even in a world of equals, girls will still always poses a more dominant role compared to men.