Girls, Can you be with a guy who feels weak by his own testicles?

Ever since I first remember finding out the pain that my balls feel, I have always felt weak by having them. It's not a choice I made, it was a feeling that became a perminant part of who I am. In High School I was kicked in my balls while arguing with a girl, and have never felt confidence since. I love girls and don't desire sex change, but my balls force me to feel weak and no confidence as a man. Would there be any chance of you being with a guy who felt this way about his own balls?


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  • there is still a chance.

    • I hope. Girls leave my life fast when they realize how serious it is. I am a guy being forced to feel like a coward by his own balls, I can imagine how unappealing that is. I just hope there is a chance a girl can accept me and my complete lack of courage for having these damn things.

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