Does journaling help when you have no one to talk to?

I really have no one to talk to at the moment and I'm wondering if journaling will help?


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  • There is actually a thing called free-writing, researched by Dr. Pennebaker. Free-writing is a technique where you just take a certain period of time and simply write whatever comes to mind for that time period. I believe standard time is about 20 minutes.
    Studies show that free-writing often helps one deal with negative feelings by acting as a way to essentially let out your secrets and pent up stress.

    Since journaling seems like basically as a form of free writing, and you seem to have feelings of loneliness, I would definitely say journaling would help. It gives you a place to let out your emotions and write down your thoughts. Simply doing that can help ease any negative thoughts you have.

    • Thanks :) I'll try it

    • Thanks for MHO!

      And good luck with your journaling. Know that it isn't for everyone, so if you feel worse afterward stop. But give it a try with an open mind though and see how it goes. Good luck :)

    • Thanks 😊

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  • Not for me
    this practice is best for future use, like tracking what actually happened for others to read as untampered facts, e. g. potential law suits, tracking the progress of one of your projects, baby books can be an example, disputes with phone & cable companies, etc.

    Journaling used to be called Diaries and these days few have time to reflect and Heaven help you if other break in to read, suffering bruised egos.

    A better social outlet would be GAG, Yahoo/other forums of interest when couped up inside. The best for a gal are... dance lessons, somewhat social between classes but opens up practice & party venues that are VERY social + the best talk outlets that don't always require alcohol as lubricant. Other sports "teams" offer similar benefits.


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  • I think so. Just letting it out anyway you can should help. Just make sure you dont have any nosy friends or family around lol.


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