I am an aspiring actress, I need confidence?

I have no one that I can get motivation and confidence from, like I am confident about some things. But I am too shy to act in front of people, actually I am scared, cause this is the only dream I have, to act in BOLLYWOOD movies and if I fail in that cause of being scared, I don't know then. Please give me tips what I should do, I am scared and shy to act in front of anyone, I don't know why? My heart starts pumping faster. Please give me tips, soon like in 2 years I will be starting going for auditions, right now I am 19 and in college, but as soon as I am done with these 2 years of college I am joining an acting course and starting with auditions, so please give me some tips.


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  • Imagine everyone is naked in front of. Practice as much as possible and try not let people staring and looking at you distract you from your lines. Practice with open mike nights and karaoke for exposure being in front of crowds. Don't worry how others will look and judge you. I think once you get in character and get in a zone that you can conquer your fears and your shyness.


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