How would you react if they did a bullying experiment on you?

About a month ago or so, I apparently saw some jerk making threatening gesture at some teenage girl who I believe was about 16 years old.

I reacted and just as I was ready to go towards him (his other friend hold me back)... I find out it all of them were acting as a way to test people's reaction, that it wasn't serious. Needlessly to say while part of me was feeling good the girl was in no danger, I was still upset that they wasted my time.

So next time how I'm I suppose to know it's real and not another experiement/prank?

and the girl was actually older than what I assumed. She's in her early 20's but looked younger.


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  • that happened to me once too. i dont think they should do that because then if it ever does really happen people will just think its a prank and not do anything.

    • I'll just act like it was real if it were happening again. Would rather do something and tell it's just an experiment than do nothing and finding out it was real. The later would be something I would probably never sleep well again.

    • .. get told..

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  • In a situation like that, you're NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW it's an experiment, because the basis of the experiment is seeing how people react to a situation without knowing it's an experiment. If you knew what was up, the people conducting the experiment aren't doing a good job.

    This is called a blind test, where the participants of the test don't know what they're being measured on, so the people conducting the test can measure the most natural actions of the participants.

    In the future, just act as you normally would (which in this case you tried to intervene, which was the right thing) and don't think about whether or not it's fake, because 99% of the time, it's probably NOT fake. And your time is probably much less valuable than making sure a teenage girl isn't in danger.


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  • Just assume it is a prank,

    The ''Threatening gesture'' is none of your business, Just leave them to it and move along.

    • At the moment I was just worried about the girl and that if I haven't done anything, something bad might had happen... well that's what I thought.
      Yes, it ended up being a prank but it was such a mean one.