TRUE STORY: Would you be scared in this situation, like me?

So last night i was home alone. i live out in the middle of nowhere, like the next house to mine is 7 miles away kind of nowhere. where i live it's all farm fields and forest. So anyway, i was reading in my room around 11 pm at night. And then i heard a sound that sounded like a car door slamming. i know it wasn't my parents cause they were going to be back the next morning. So i rubbed it off quite quickly. But then about 5 minutes later i heard huge loud bangs out my window, that scared me a little then I a thought "its just a big bug crashing into the window". But it kept getting louder and louder. The noises were spaces out like 1 would happen every 5 minutes but they kept getting more constant. Then i heard a noise very close to a gunshot. so then i got very scared. i was sure my doors were locked in wanted to double check but my house is 95% windows w/ no blinds so if anything was there i didn't want them to see me. And i couldn't close and lock my door cause I don't have one. i heard rustling and things moving in my car port which was next to my room. i was tempted to call the cops but my landline is broken and i don't have a cellphone. these noises went going on for 2 hours and i was on edge the whole time. But then at 1 am. i heard the car door noise again and then everything just, stopped. it was quiet again. i woke up the next moring to look around outside and, this is where it got me terrified. Right by my window there was a patch of mud, there was a foot print in the mud.

i am still terrified today. so would you be scared in the situation like me?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Geez, holy crap I'd be scared af!
    With no people to witness anything, no ways to reach out, and not the greatest security things, I'd be scared like crap. Doesn't help when you are by yourself either.
    I don't know if you have a gun-- but that definitely sounds like the time I'd pull one out. Geez, glad your okay. That could've been pretty bad D:


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would be creeped out but I would be expecting to see a dead body or something outside my window! xD
    Like someone brought their hostage to kill them somewhere where there aren't many people around or the hostage escaped before they could go deeper into the woods...
    I don't know. Sounds suspicious.
    Maybe the hostage was banging on your windows for help?



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What Guys Said 3

  • Yes, that could've been someone out there messing around and for you not to have any phone service of any type is not safe at all that is serious situation , usually when you live out there in no where weirdos pick them areas to strike.

  • First of all, how the hell did you leave your landline phone not working until late at night? I would consider getting a cellphone soon if I were you. But yeah. That's crazy... crazy enough to be a Halloween story.

  • "Next house is 7 miles away"

    Ok stop right there, I'm froggin terrified

    *reads the rest*

    😱😨 ... yea I'd be scared


What Girls Said 2

  • I would be terrified :( Glad you're okay. I recommend trying to get a phone, even a cheap one on pay as you go so that you can contact someone if you need help.

  • Hell yeah i would be freaking the hell out!!