How do I stop getting affected easily by the attention of guys?

I tend to be disposed to preoccupying distractions whenever there is a guy who appeals to my feminine vanity. For instance, I had only just been thinking often about one guy from my past shallow encounter, until a new guy who recently looked at me has sparked my new curiosity. Giving new reason to be distracted. I try to minimize the event but I find that I only end up trying to resist inquisitive thoughts of him all day instead. I wish I was more imperturbable and not impressed upon by such frivolity. Need help rsvp before I get entrenched in intense emotions again.


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  • Well , kudos for maximizing the use of your new thesaurus. Why don't you ask him out to alleviate your curiosity, or get some things to do to distract yourself from the distractions.

    • Thank you, I would be terrified of asking him out because of emotional involvements. I am actually studying right now. =\

    • Then go out for a change of scenery, clear your mind, step away from your responsibilities for a day. This doesn't sound like a guy problem, it sounds more like a... you are getting mentally tired problem. One of my favorite places on earth is Matsumoto castle, Nagano prefecture, I have spent hours there wandering around , doing nothing. Just trying to find a moment of clarity, I also like to go fishing which recharges me and that's my fall back when I can't focus.

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