Urgent which text you like most?

Let's say you're graphic designer and you need to pick from text above.

On which link would you click?

Urgent which text you like most???

Thank you for help.

  • Be a Designer, Be Your Own Boss.
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  • How I made 300$ at the age of 16 as designer and so can you!
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  • How to be designer and control your schedule.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • the first one!

    • why do you like it so much?

    • thanks anyway for help!

Most Helpful Guy

  • Design your world

    • what?

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    • but before I make it I need help from other people to share opinions and so on. So yeah thank you for your opinion, I appreciate!

    • thanks for help!

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  • Dude... these are all terrible click bait to be honest.

    • Why they are terrible, I'll be giving away only 100% true information.

      People think that it's click bait because of spammers and all that shit, if you can pick from one which would that be?

    • thanks for answer*