Should I try to become friends with the guy that said he didn't like me?

Ok so it's this guy on my bus. His friends kept teasing him about him liking me and he kept telling me and them that he didn't like me but he still stares at me a lot. Then on Friday, he had asked me if I liked Alabama, maybe because I had the Alabama jersey on and I shook my head yes and he had told me that they had a game on Saturday and I was like "Oh ok". But I was also talking to him because I had told him that someone liked him on the bus (which was my friend) and he had started guessing and he had guessed her and I said "maybe :)" and he had told me that he's going to ask her too. So do you think I should try to become friends with the guy that said he didn't like me?


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  • You could be friends with the guy who said he didn't like you
    he may be too shy to come out to tell you that he likes you guys
    can go through them stages. If you like the guy by any means
    let him know your feelings for him and if he backs away he may
    need to come around to his senses Maybe go over sit next to
    him if you think that would be okay or wait to he is sitting by himself
    say did you save that seat for me and see how he reacts i don't know
    how you want go by it but worth giving it a try if you like the guy,


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  • Hi little sis!
    Why not be friends with him? You should there is nothing wrong with that 😊


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  • So this was not the guy you had to tell to leave you alone was it? If it is not then yes there is no reason why you should not be friends with him. :)

    • @Applefan1 no it wasn't :P it's another guy

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    • @Applefan1 oh cool and hey I'm going to try and go to bed, it was nice talking to you again :) Goodnight! :D

    • Nice chatting to you to. :) Good night. Sweet dreams. :)

  • He was shy, he probably does like you.
    His friends made it awkward for him 😂
    Yup, start talking to him more, something will probably arise from your friendship.

  • What do you think of him, do you like him?


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