I am thinking about writing a book do you like my story idea?

So there's a mom a dad they have a son and a daughter
the daughter is oldest and the son is basically a new born, They are wanted from people trying to kill them and the people find out where they live so they come and slaughter the family but before they could get the kids the dad holds them off and the mom tells the daughter to take the baby that she would hold the people trying to kill them off with her dad (keep in mind the daughter is like 19 the son is like 2)

So the daughter doesn't want to she tries to resist and her mother makes her leave and she runs and hides with her little brother she watches as the house is burned down and flees from the house countries away from them and the people trying to kill the family thinks she's dead because they burned the house down so the daughter is forced to raise they boy and she tels him that she's the mother to keep him from being sad about his real parents so going through life he thinks his sister is his mom but she's actually his sister
and she does every possible thing to keep it from him eventually as years go by the boy grows up and next thing you know he's about 19 and he's been asking his mom wheres dad and his "mom" would tel him that he's in the military so around 19 he figures out that he has been in the military for so long he knows somethings up so he asks if his dad died in the military she told him "yeah, that's it he died in the military"

im gonna skip some stuff im running pout of space but soon someone contacts him and asks him if he wants to know the truth about his dad , the boy says yes and the boy travels to his house where his parents died and finds a picture of his parents. his "mom" asks where he was and he travels back home and takes the picture. he asks her who she really is and shows her the picture.

his sis tells him the truth, the boy goes on a quest to avenge his parents But did his parents really die in a fire or are they still alive?


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  • I like the second part of your story. Though the fact that the sister would never tell her brother that she's actually his sister not his mother seems rather unlikely, I admit that it would be possible with some people.
    I don't like the first part of your story so much. This whole "someone comes to hunt down this family" sounds very unrealistic. I mean, what motif/reason to they have for such an extreme course of action? I think this is a question you'd have to answer in your story. Personally, I think a better idea would be if this whole story took place in a war-torn area. Be it during world war two, during the civil war in America, or - if you prefer something more contemporary - perhaps a war in Africa, such as the genocide in Ruanda in the 1990s or the ongoing, extremely bloody war in the Congo.
    I think especially a situation such as the genocide in Ruanda would give you a very realistic and credible background for your story. This makes the need for an elaborate reason why the aggressors hate your family unnecessary. They simply hate the family because they're from a different ethnicity or because they have a different cultural background. For example in the case of Ruanda, the aggressors would be from the Hutu, while your family would be Tutzis. If the story took in world war two, the family could be jewish... you see what I mean. If you wanna be really frisky, you could even try to fit the story into a post-apocalyptic world.

    • Yes i was thinking of the beginning i knew i had to think of something i just didn't have that part yet i was going to say they were wanted from another state but that probably wouldn't work out at the end of the day
      because they burned the house down police wouldn't do that so that was a in process idea thanks for the idea that really helps i'l have to research that and continue up on it..

      do you think this book would make it and thanks for the suggestions again it really helped

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    • who sent her manuscript of Harry Potter to 50 or even 100 different publishers and everyone thought it was bullshit until a very small, English publisher finally agreed to try it out (and it became one of the biggest literary successes ever). So you really never know :-).

      I think what's sometimes more important than the story is the way you write. A good author doesn't always show his literary greatness by inventing an extremely unusual story. In fact, as an author (I enjoy doing creative writing myself) you have to accept the feeling that there are probably no completely new stories out there anymore. Everything has been told by somebody some time. What counts much more is that you have a good and unique style, that you are able to tell a seemingly dull story in a new and exciting way. This is probably the most important aspect of becoming successful with literature :-).

    • Yeah i don't think my 1st book or 2 will be that good, but i have plenty of ideas this one just stood out to me unlike the others maybe if i write a few then keep this one saved for when i earn publicity i could come out with this book and have people reading it.

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