Atheists (who believes in Darwin's theory )?

Do u believe that lombrosso theory of crime is true his theory says that (the criminals ) are bored criminals that's why he also sees if a child killed he means that he is a killer and should be punished others can answer too
(Ps this isn't a relgion question it's kinda a law question )

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  • I do believe in the evolution. Don't know about the Lomborosso theory.

    • Criminologists believe in many theoris about what causes the crime lombrosso says that the criminals arw bored this way they weren't affected by anything they were borned to be criminals that's why he sees that if a child killed he deserves a punishment coz he is already a criminal

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  • *born not bored...

    Darwins theory has some big holes in it... the fact that so much of science is based on it is scary, if anyone disproves the theory of evolution, well, its gonna make a lot of "Fact" into fiction (good luck disproving it, their is a ton of evidence to support his theory but no facts)

    But i think some people are born psychopaths, and others are turned into psychopaths due to life circumstances
    most criminals are products of their circumstances, not genetics


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  • Um I believe in Darwin's theory of evolution but I have no idea who lombrosso is.

    • He is a criminologist can u Google him and answer me it would help in my research

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