How can I cope with my phone phobia?

I'm terrified if i have to call someone or if they call me. my heart starts racing and my hands start shaking. i normally avoid calling people or have others call for me. I'm going back to school soon, or at least I'm trying, and they apparently want phone contact while i prefer e-mail. how can i cope with this or even better, how can i cure it?


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  • only way is to face it head on. tape ur phone to ur hand if u have to. gotta do it man.


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  • I am in similar situation. I can't talk on phone. Even with friends I talk only if it's important. I talk to-the-point & end it quickly.
    There's this thing called exposure therapy. In which you're gradually exposed to your fear. Start by talking with a friend for some time. 30 seconds would be fine. Then keep increasing time every time you call them.
    I started it with a conference call with two of my best friends. During first call I talked for 10 seconds & they talked for 5 minutes. Last time we 3 talked, I ran out of pre-paid balance :D It was more than an hour and I definitely talked for more than 30 minutes. I still have fear while talking with others but I can talk. At least manageable & I rarely miss a call now :)

    • I'd love to try that. but i don't have any friends. so that's going to be a problem.

    • Any online friend? You can do an online audio call.