Where are your from? , whats ;life like where you live?

where are your from? ,whats ;life like where you live?


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  • im from a twin island state in the caribbean called trinidad and tobago... its mostly always sunny here, we only have to seasons-a dry season (very very very sunny days) and a wet season (rainy weather spotting us between some sunny days)... the preferred music over her is called SOCA music... its not pronounced like 'soccer'... but like if you were just saying so and the first two letters in castle... so-ca.. lol um weve got a ton of beautiful beaches here, to get to a beach from any part of any island, the least youd have to drive for would be a half hour. there's always an enormous amount of tourists, esp. on the smaller island (Tobago), but there's one particular holiday we have annually here called carnival where we have the most tourists, its like a 2 day nation wide party, with people in custumes parading the streets and dancing to caribbean music, and lots of fetes and concerts leading up to the actual holiday itself... and the food here is absolutely... amazing, like seriously... we are comprised of a multi-racial society (we've got indians, Africans, chinese, Spanish, syrians)... and so we're multi cultural, we celebrate almost all holidays from every race living here... and ya... how about you? where are you from and whats it like there?

    • im from the UK, it mostly rains here, like year round even into summer :/, but we do have some sunny days that randomly appear so they are good whilst they last, the music that people listen to here is general varied however most people tend to listen to 'pop' music, there are some nice beaches in the UK (in the west of the country) but they are rather hard to enjoy most of the time considering the rainy weather we have here. The society here is rather multicultural and mainly consists of English people, black people - (carribean and african) indian people and pakistani people, because how multicultural the society is its a rather tolerant and nice place to live generally and you often have many friends from many different backgrounds and cultures.

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    • aw.. thats awesome

    • Thanks :)

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  • I'm from Switzerland and well, to a Brit, I don't need to add much to that since you probably know a bit about my country ;-). It's super clean, orderly and organized here, because this is Swiss people's big fetish. We're generally tolerant people but we can't accept it if the train runs 1 minute late ;-). Everything works like, well, a Swiss clock-work and I think this is something that people here really love. On the downside, some Swiss people can also be overtly obsessed with tidiness and rules and especially to foreigners, this can sometimes feel very suffocating. For example when I moved in with my girlfriend, we got a 7-page manual from our landlord of what we're not allowed to do or how to handle things. While many of these rules might also exist in other countries, the difference is that you can bet on your life that people will make sure you stick to the rules. Try to secretly have a little BBQ on your balcony while the neighbor upstairs is on vacation although you're not allowed to? You can be sure some other neighbor will call the landlord, even if he didn't suffer from the smoke. Simply because, well... you can't do it. It's the rule.
    What I like a lot about Swiss people is that we're a very honest society and we have a deep trust for each other. My foreign girlfriend is often in disbelief that I live expensive things like clothes I just bought or groceries simply in the basket of my bike while getting done other business. People don't steal your things and that's something I find very cool. One time I lost my house key on the train and one week later, I got a letter from a random guy who found it under a seat on that train, somehow figured out where I live with the number printed on the key and sent it back to me ;-).
    Despite the world having a rather negative view of Switzerland as being somewhat racist, most people (except from our right-wing parties) are actually very tolerant. We're a small country and that can be a lot of fun. It just takes me 20 minutes by train to Germany from where I live. To France it takes me about 3,5 hours. To Italy 2,5 hours. To Austria 1,5 hours and to Liechtenstein one hour. We're a densely populated and very multi-cultural society (in fact, we have the second-highest amount of foreigners (percentage) of all European countries). Like in the UK, our weather isn't exactly great but it is compensated by the general freedom, social cohesion and relative social equality we enjoy. Oh, and I like our nature :-).

    • I don't think i could live with all those rules however the honesty and neigbourly sounding people is something that would be a +

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  • I am from Dublin, Ireland - Weather wise we don't have very cold winter or very hot summers but it rains a lot. Sportswise there is gaelic sports, football/soccer, rugby, horse racing. Politically we are quite central. Political/Historical we have the issue of Northern Ireland which has ramifications for the Republic, the North and mainland UK. Religion mainly catholic - Socially culturallly a mix of influences from UK, US and little bit of our own.

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