PHYSICS QUESTION ! I need help ?

When an element loses ana electron in beta decay , a new atom is formed. (I also know that a neutron changes into a neutron in this reaction or vice versa ) But anyway , an electron is lost and a proton is formed ,,, does that mean that the new atom formed is positive?


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  • In Beta (β-) decay, a neutron changes into a proton plus an electron. The proton stays in the nucleus and the electron leaves the atom with high energy, and we call it a beta particle.

    When a beta particle is emitted from the nucleus the nucleus has one more proton and one less neutron. This means the atomic mass number remains unchanged and the atomic number increases by 1.


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  • Okay, so my boyfriend's a physics student so I asked him and he's basically going to write everything from here (I'm sorry if he's a prick <3 ) :

    Problems with that:
    -An "element" does not lose an electron. An atom does. Obviously that atom belongs to a particular element, but still.
    -"in beta decay" the grammar is wrong, it should be "during" in my opinion.
    -"a new atom is formed" no it's not, the atom that already existed changes, a new atom is not created, this is not pair production.
    -"a neutron changes into a neutron"
    "again "new atom" though in this case I can forgive it

    the atom will be positive if there are more protons than electrons. The loss of an electron and gain of a proton does not mean that the product is positive. if there are 100 electrons and 50 protons then it doesn't matter if you lose one and gain one of the other. I'll be honest, I haven't done beta decay in a while, so I might be wrong. but generally I'd say the answer is "it depends" (and I resent being called a prick)

    • "and I resent being called a prick"

    • Dammit i was typing quickly cuz i had to go ,, i didn't notice my mistakes

    • Don't worry about it, he's pretty much always like that. And it's not like his grammar there was any better than yours :P

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  • The neutron decays into a proton plus electron (and a neutrino), thus bumping the atomic number up by one. If the electron is emitted from the atom it would then be positively charged. I believed that in some neutron decays the emitted electron is captured by the atom so it gives off only a neutrino.

  • Physics problems? @Omar5881 this is your kind of field right? If I remember, you said you liked physics.

  • WikipediaWikipediaWikipediaWikipediaWikipedia

  • Portions effect the element electrions effect chemical bonding and nutrions effect the isotope

    • Yes i know that but that is not my question :(

    • Losing a electron doesn't change the element