Where do you think you'll be in life when you're 25 years old? Where WERE you when you were 25 years old?

So, I turned 25 years old today!

For people under 25: Where do you think you'll be in life when you're 25 years old? What I mean is, what/where will you be in school, working, married, living somewhere else, etc. Just tell me what you think your life will be like at this age. Maybe nothing will change?

For people 25 and over: Where were/are you at 25 years old? Have you went to college/trade school? What was your career? Were you married? Were you single? Did you live somewhere else?

When I was a teenager, I thought I would be a licensed teacher by now. Unfortunately, I was wrong: I'm just an intern at the moment (should be licensed by December.) I hate seeing my predictions fold though, but oh well, there is no sense of dwelling on the past. I also thought I would be graduating with a Master's degree as well.

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@KDA20 Good story, interesting conversation. Thanks.


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  • Hopefully I'll have a regular job by then. All I do is hustle right now

    • Right, I thought the same thing.

      Unfortunately, I'm doing an unpaid internship right now (which makes up for 50 hours of my time in a week) and I'm still working 20 hours outside of my internship at a local hardware store. So I'm working 70 hours and getting paid for 20 of them :(

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    • That's stupid of her. She should have mentioned that in the interview.

      Luckily, you have those interviews. Good luck.

    • Yea to be honest I want to stop going but Im broke most of the time and it gives me something to do. But I really want a regular job to hire me and I hope I get one

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  • When I was 25 - I just moved into a section in work to deal with equality issues that had been brought up in european law for the irish social security system. I had finished university three years earlier with a degree in Economics, English and Anthropology. I had a steady girlfriend. Property prices were going through the roof and we were saving for the deposit on a house. We both still lived at home at the time.


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  • I had child number one. Done with school and sifting through jobs trying to find the best one that suited spending time with her.

    • Wow, not bad! I know so many people at my age married with multiple kids.

      I, for one, don't want to get married AND have kids until I'm in my mid 30's.

    • Interesting that when I stopped having them. But its good to enjoy some freedom before hand.

  • Happy birthday dude.

    I thought I would've rented a place with some roomates and be in a serious relationship.

    Here I am still living at home cause I don't see the purpose of wasting rent money since I already get privacy. Not in any relationship at all.

    • I completely agree with you. I live with my parents and I'm just fine with that. I like saving on rent money, and I can get privacy whenever I can as well. Plus, my parents are basically my best friends.

    • haha I agree with you up til your late comment. >_>

    • Haha fair enough.

  • I might have been in college at that point can't remember, but I thought that I might have been able to find a full time job with that diploma, and that never happened, so I'm stuck, just a stick in the mud

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