Ok teenagers who use snapchat a little question to help an adult out?

I have snapchat, I've received an add from someone I don't know who it is. I don't give my number out to many people or gave no one my username, I added the person and found the person wasn't telling me who it was -snapchat score 4? That was over a month ago and same person has readded me again? And is claiming to be Asian, I don't know any Asians and how dos this person get my username. Tad confused.. can I stop people randomly adding me?


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  • You can block them. I think that's the best you can do. But that should work. And adult? Haha you look like 20. Cute 😍

    • Ur my new best friend lol
      Thanks needed cheering up

    • Haha no problem. And you do look darn good. Definitely thought you were kidding on your age when I first saw your pic. Kinda shmexy haha 😜

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