Do you think it's possible if?

Someone who lives in a $9million house to just own 4 cars which are a honda mini van, toyota harrier, mercedes-benz s-class and a 1997 range rover autobiography?

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  • Yes it is possible? Why do you seem skeptical?

    • Few of my friends told me they don't believe that i live there. Then i told them to google the house prices in the area i live in and they still dont believe me even though there are prove that i wasn't lying. They said that how come you dont drive ferrari or rolls royce if your house cost that much? Its really bugging me

    • they aren't friends if they are going to question you...

      also you don't get wealthy by buying all this stuff... Look up what Warren Buffet drives.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Of course it's possible!


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  • If they don't believe, you need to make them show with their own eyes!

    PS: Some of your friends might "attack you" because you're rich etc..


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