What are your thoughts on dreams? Care to interpret? What's your weirdest one to date?

I had two weird dresm early this morning but he second one had me really saying "Wtf?" In the second dream I was at a business conference in an audotorium when I'm attacked by the attendees who are all powerful executives (men and women). During the attack they turn into zombiesh demons. After the attack they turn back into humans and try to buy my silence by offering me a high paying position. I tell them to go F themselves and run out the building.

I've looked online for dream symbolism but nothing happened to me yesterday that would bring this on. The only thing I can think is that I've been doing is a lot of networking and I hate that.


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  • Well my weirdest dreams would be either one, in which I'm at a table
    eating with a bunch of people.. but the thing is.. we've all got fatal wounds
    all over our bodies, and the food doesn't go in our mouths.. but into our wounds..

    The other would be waking up (in the dream) to a weird rustling sound
    I look towards the door and see a donkey head close to the ground after
    which it pulls back, leaving only silence.. seconds later, it screams and rushes
    onto my bed and screams at my face, after which I wake up..

    To interpret yours, being attacked by someone
    signifies the protection you have on yourself
    that you're feeling guarded/closed.

    At this moment of your life, you may be feeling lonely
    wanting to be understood, and looking out for help.

    Monsters or twisted figures are typically
    a sign of uncertainty.

    But interpretting dreams is a very vague science
    and not fully/completely proven.

    Dreams also tend to speak in riddles, si it's up
    to us, to decipher/decide how they should be seen. ^.^

    • Wow those are strange dreams as well.

      Thanks for the interpretation. What if the attack was a gang rape?

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  • i think they really do have meanings.


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  • there are many opinions on dreams... And i think you can think too much about them. I have weird ones sometimes... Usually when i am stressed. Mine usually have to do with being responsible for a group of people, and we are lost inside of a cavern or huge building... and i can't get them out and something is coming...

    All I can think of is that I do have much responsibility for people and failing them is something I would hate to do. I do not wish that so perhaps i dream about it. When i have the dream, I wake up and go on about my business.

    • Actually I don't. However, this one was not a normal weird dream. Being gang raped by demons disguised as executives would make anyone wonder.

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    • Yes. You think that has to do with it?

    • yes i do... i personally believe in God and that there are angels and demons. Some people do not... can't help what they believe. But i do believe that sometimes they can influence our dreams. to what degree or purpose i do not know. nor will i speculate, but i think that it can happen yes.

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