I have murmur heart and retarded parents. What should I do?

So I have murmur heart or what it's called.( I searched Google for 10 mins just to find the translation once English is not my mother tongue) I've been having it, I mean noticed that I have it, since I was 6 years old. I tried to play basketball but after 5 mins of running I would faint. I couldn't do much so I asked my parents to do something about it. I went to a cardiologist and he said "Well it's not something you should worry about" and my parents were like "See John? It was nothing". Well... I fainted 6 times in a row on the first week after the examination. So I stopped basketball. Then I started football. The same happened again. Coach would talk to my parents about this problem and they would always say "The doctor said it's nothing we should worry about". Then my grandpa saw that my parents act a little retarded and payed for a better cardiologist. I get in these weird machines and then he says "Well, it's not very big but he could play football now and then". The doctor didn't know that I was playing football everyday and I had to run really fast for excessive ammount of time. So my parents read what the doctor said and here we go again. "See? You have no problem". I kept on fainting on the pitch, and I couldn't breathe and all that shit.

So let me give you an example how I see it.

Imagine a blind kid. He goes to the doctor. The doctor says he can see fine. The parents believe him. The kid remains blind. He hits his head on the walls and the parents are like "Stop it. You are not blind. The doctor said you are fine" ._.


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  • Talk to a doctor about treatment and signs and symptoms to be sure. I think doctors are somewhat obligated to let you know ur options of treatment, whether they give u the treatment is a different mattter


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  • Go to a diffrent doctor and try to talk with your parents so that they would understand that you are worried and parents only say that you are fine just so that you relax and that you won't be afraid anymore. what's your first language?


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