Is there a way someone could find my location via email or my photos?

So this guy i met a couple weeks ago on gag has given me his email address so we could email (not ready to give him my snapchat yet). I thought of sending him a couple of pics of myself but i just dont want him knowing where i live yet like somehow my IP address is embedded in my email... is it? or any other way. Call me paranoid.


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  • Your IP is encoded (your IP and an awful lot more. Not your street address)

    Look here:
    This is a copy from data hidden in a mail address:
    IP :
    HOST : abts-north-dynamic- airtelbroadband. in
    UniqID : 20243211845588125ac6e60
    Navigateur : Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20110707 Firefox/3.6.19 GTB7.1
    Cookies : form_design=2; PHPSESSID=f7516lhpaj2k0jub50nigdklo1; uniqid=20243211845588119ac6e60; welcomeMessageViewed=1; form_font_size=10; form_large_screen=1; form_size=760; __cfduid=d007d9d795144a165ece0b6a4436881fa1434980685

    Even your OS, browser, size of HD, font used, screen

    looking further, I find:

    IP Address
    Location India, Delhi, Delhi
    Latitude & Longitude 28.666670, 77.216670 (28°40'0"N 77°13'0"E)
    ISP ABTS Delhi
    Local Time 08 Sep, 2015 05:36 AM (UTC +05:30)
    Domain airtelbroadband. in
    Net Speed (DSL) Broadband/Cable/Fiber
    IDD & Area Code (91) 011
    ZIP Code 110008
    Weather Station Delhi (INXX0038)

    (I changed a few details to make complete ID impossible)


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  • no they can't do that.


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  • With all the coding in emails, etc., there is probably a way you can be tracked. But it would be very complicated and beyond regular people to be able to do it.

  • I don't think so. Then again if someone wants to hack you they could without email probably.


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