How to fight off someome as fast as possible?

ok so I know what your going to tink you shouldn't look to fight someone. Hear me out. So I am concerned I will end up getting into a fight with someone withen the next few weeks because I kinda pissed off the wrong people. Don't ask how because I have no idea. I am usually good at defusing situations before it gets to that point but better safe than sorry.


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  • Always go for knockout punches. Move very fast and be quick on your feet. If you are fighting more than one person, you should use some strong, swift kicks. When doing so, hold yourself strong from your core and remember that the energy is coming from your hip, not your foot. If you make a kick asserting energy with simply your foot and ankle, then it's going to be a weak kick with less force behind it. Your knees can also be used as a resource. A quick knee to the ribcage with enough power may keep someone on the ground. As a last resort if you are getting jumped or the altercation gets out of hand, use your elbows. I really do not recommend doing this unless you feel you have no choice because the elbow bone can easily make things ugly :/ by causing bleeding.

    Make really strong blows that deter them from lengthening the altercation. I was taught to always make fights as quick as possible if you are not in the boxing ring because you never know what someone may do out of desperation or to salvage their ego. Some people fight dirty and may pull out a knife or put your body in long term danger so it's really important not to elongate the altercation and only get involved if you absolutely have no other choice.

    Anyhow, I don't recommend doing any of this unless you have no choice. Violence really is not a solution unless somebody's trying to kidnap yo azz. There are always other ways to handle things. There's no shame in asking for help from a 3rd party who can mediate. Fighting can easily get out of hand so you really shouldn't be fighting unless there is absolutely no other option available and your physical safety is at risk. :/

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    • @Ihav2fart well that's what they say ;) tehehe

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  • There is no preset motion you can ready yourself with that will help you here. If these guys come at you, unless you've done your homework or some serious recon on there skill and fighting style... it's unpredictable.

    Guard vital areas, your face & body. And be fast, speed is key. You don't want to linger around to close because you might get grabbed, and that's something you want to avoid big time. Straight jabs opposed to roundhouse hits. They're fast and can stun him if you land a quick hit. Also the face is expected to be the primary target.

    Instead aim mid to low. Chest and stomach.

    Oh yeah and if he's talking a big game before swinging and you know a fight is inevitable, hurry up and rush him, catch him off guard.

    My personal go to is a two fast jabs and a low kick to the back of the knee for slight pain and a distraction from my retuning hands to the chin KAPOW... SHORYUKEN! Goodnight 😴

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      Thanks :) Asker doesn't sound like he's had a lot of training so I figured he may need some detail. Great minds think alike? ;P

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  • face to face:
    palm into nose, punch to the nose, kick to the shin

    your back to their chest:
    elbow to the chest/gut (in a panic you might miss), back kick to the shin, stomp on foot, flip them over your shoulder

    depending on how you're standing, you will only need to use one of the above. you should not have to use more than two moves.

    overall, if you're in trouble the best thing to do is to get them hurt or distracted enough for you to run away. the objective is to GET AWAY. do not stay to fight.

    hopefully you can defuse the situation, tho :p

  • Pressure points. There's one in the upper thigh and my sergeant was training with some new recruits and he got nailed there and had blood pooling and he was immediately out and couldn't walk right for a week. :)

    Quick, decisive movements.


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  • Why are you asking?

    My goto is pretty much fake a jab to determine the pace of the other guy, fake a couple jabs and hooks to the face and head and when they're throwing a punch your way outside block and pull it past your body while also laying a hit into the stomach at an upward angle. You get enough momentum and positioning from the returned hit and you're going to see him collapsing over from the gut punch. On his way down, uppercut to the mouth or nose or haymaker to the side of the head. I mean fights are really situational and I fight rhythmically generally to something in my head or the noises around me. Luckily I haven't been in a fight that's lasted more than one punch since grade school and haven't had anyone challenge me since graduation. If you really want to learn how to fight take some martial arts classes; you'll spend a lot of time on defense and that is extremely important and should be your main focus while in a fight because you should never want to be in a real one.

    • Thing is I was in a martial arts class but hthey taught us the traditional stuff not as much self defense

    • Take a self defense class. Also the traditional stuff is defensive, you just have to learn the movements before you learn how to use them.

  • The most effective would always be Krav Magas signature move: The Groin Strike

    • Lmao! Did she really need her high wasted skirt and heels for the groin-kicking photo-shoot? :P

    • @Esplorare gotta show that you can be able to perform this strike anytime whether you're all glammed up or not. :P

    • lol true true

  • Run xD
    Kick in the nuts.
    Carry a baseball bat with you.
    Kick in the face (if you reach).
    Point a gun at them.

    • Yeah cuz I'm going to carry a gun when I'm 15 lmao... Oh u gave me an idea I'll shoot them in the dick lol

    • I never said it had to be real xD Just pull out a bb gun, those things hurt if they hit you in the face xD

  • It depends on how angry they are at you and what resources they have. If they have and are going to use guns, you may need to contact the police and get them involved. If they are involving a gang of people to beat you up, then you probably need to contact the police for that too, unless you know karate. But even if you know karate, there's no guarantee that you will survive. I gotta say, I don't know how you don't know how you pissed these people off. There must be a reason. Good luck!

  • Be the first one to land a punch to the face. Or invest in a decent pair of running shoes.