Anyone else ever feel like bother to their family (just need to vent)?

Starting to feel like I have no one to talk to...
my parents openly admitted that they don't trust me and that's fine I can deal with that as I'm not financially able to move yet and I haven't always been able to talk to my sister about everything but somethings but she's so absorbed in her friends and boyfriend that she's with all the time that I never see her and when I do and try to say hi she damn near snaps and yes I'm 23 but I'm a mom so I really just work and come home... I use to talk to my ex or try to but again he's my ex and I have one friend that I can talk to about anything but he's often busy with work and his studies... I think it's all just taking a toll on me... and my emotions are all over the place.


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  • Even if you were a bother to your family, so what? Yes, you should care about them, but family's are all about pooling strength so that when one of you is having a rough time, the others can help out. You can even help each other out if you're both having trouble. The point is, you are supposed to be able to lean on each other when you have no one else to lean on.

    You should never abuse that, though, and always be greatful. My family always thought I was annoying, but everyone liked to help me because I was genuinely grateful and when they needed help, I acted like I didn't mind it. Turns out, this was fortunate for me. For several years, I suffered from a debilitating disorder. In addition to that suffering, I felt like I was placing an unfair burden on my family. But I was open about it so they understood.

    Point is, just remember that everyone has their own lives and problems, but don't think that means you can't be there for each other. I couldn't be there for my sister went she went to live on her own and had such a hard time, but I could text with her, play her stupid phone games like Trivia Coke or what the hell ever. It cost me very little, but it helped her feel less alone. She could talk to me about her problems or just talk to me when she wanted a break.

    If I were you, I wouldn't be ashamed of feeling overwhelmed and wanting some support, but I would call my family not just when I was having trouble. I would be sure to call them sometimes when I was doing alright to share that positive energy and let them know Im interested in their lives.


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  • Yep, I do. All the time. It's hard to feel like I'm not one.