How do guys (and girls) have better luck making friends and dating after high school or college?

1. How is it that these people had little to no friends in high school/college, but made many friends in college and beyond? Why was university social life better than high school social life? Were people kinder or more mature? or was there a bigger social pool?

2. How is it that these people had little to no dates in high school/college, but after high school or college, they were incredibly succeessful? How can someone be rejected so much in high school or college, but have incredible success with women (men for ladies)? Do you have more confidence or money now?

3. How has your social / dating life changed from high school through college, and after college?


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  • 1. Lots of colleges have sororities where you make way more friends. I'm not in one but even so there's way more social things and events. There's also just waaay more people and everyone just seems nicer in my opinion. It's definitely a combination of more maturity and a bigger social pool.

    2. Once again it's definitely the fact that there's more people to choose from. I went to a highschool where we were 30 kids a year. I literally had 16 guys to choose from so obviously going from that to thousands and thousands of guys is a big jump. People are once again also more mature and might be ready for a relationship. In high school a lot of people aren't serious about dating and might want more fun than commitment.

    3. I explained this in the previous answer but basically I made a lot more friends and have been dating more than I did in high school.


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  • From what I've heard most people have better luck in college. I used to have a lot of friends in high school. Then eventually just fell out of contact with them. I haven't made friends in college. Never dated so it's the same but I think it would have been easier to date in high school because I actually talked to girls in my classes. In college classes there's no socialization in the classroom everyone is just there to learn.

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