You win $1 million on game show then?

So you answered the final question and won a million dollars. The show is live on tv and the game show host gives you the option, keep the 1 million for yourself or if you donate it to the homless shelter they will add another 2 million. You can not donate part of the money, there is only 2 options.

A bunch of homless people come out and and tell you that your choice could do a lot for them but that if you choose to keep the 1 million for yourself then they will still be fine living under bridges and eating from the trash.

  • Keep the money for myself
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  • Donate the money
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What Girls Said 1

  • I'd donate it. 3 million can do more good for all those people than it could for me alone even if I gave a fair amount of it to charity.


What Guys Said 1

  • Donate it, all you need is a few hundred thousands to live well for a couple of generations and I've seen how people become douchebags and nasty