Whats your point of view of Hillsong church?

im doing a school project where we have to find out about a popular church. so what do you guys think?

  • dont like it, i dont go
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  • dont like it, i do go
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  • like it, i do go
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  • like it, i dont go
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  • wtf is hillsong?
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well i like it and i go. its not like oh if you dont belive in jesus you will go in hell. its more like, there is a king in everyone, everyone is destine for something, whereever thats being a school teacher or a nba star everyone has a purpose. im christian and im not homophobic, im christian and i have friends from other relgions, and i like them, im christian and i listern to chirstian music, its preatty cool, im christian and im 100% not perferct, im christian and i go to Hillsong Church


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  • It's not a church, its a business and they use the facade of a church to avoid taxes and rip people off.

    It's disgusting


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  • I like it.. The vibe they have is good and so is the music. However I don't go. There aren't any Hillsong churches in my area.

    • Don't be duped by the music and the lights. It's a scam.
      They prey on vulnerable people in order to fill their own coffers.

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    • Whether it's good music or not is subject to opinion how bout that

    • @Sexualchrist

      Exactly. I think it's great music and I never said everyone has to agree.

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  • They are churning millions from ppl's emotional isolation. They don't represent god.