Girls, Is it just me, or really English guys are super hot?

I'd be embarrased to death if i just tell anyone that, but i really think British guys are hot.. and the accent (yea some of them make you feel they have a speech disability) but I'm talking about the hot type of accent
anyone relates?


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  • My boyfriend is English and he's the most gorgeous human ever

    • I'm sure about it :D
      Good for you..
      wish you all the best <3 <3
      My boyfriend is so hot also but he is not British and i don't wish he'd have been
      But i feel this weird attraction towards British guys, and it's not something I'm proud of because i shouldn't feel that way, right?

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    • Not a problem lovely! Wish you the best <3

    • Same to you ^_^
      Thank You. <3

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  • I'm British and I cannot relate unless it's in TV shows and they're the super stereotypical British :P

    • why are they that bad in reality or what :P

    • My boyfriend's pretty good because his is the English accent people think of when they think of hot British guys, because, as he likes to remind me, he learnt to talk properly and enunciate :P But, generally, the guys around here to not have the best accents.

    • Oh! I see ^_^
      wish u all the best <3
      I'm not getting my expectations so high anyways because i already have an amazing boyfriend ;)
      he's not British and I'm really fine with it, but this weird attraction I'm ashamed of , if u know what i mean

  • I didn't know you could be 'really english'.. pretty sure you're either English or you're not..

    The guys around here sound like absolute tossers but if that's what you're into

    • I'm not.
      I know the type you're talking about.
      but what I'm into is something else really..
      The rare elegant gentlemen type of them like Jamie Dornan for example

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    • Maybe 3 and 4 I didn't complete the video but I'll but just as a start 3 and 4

    • Well i watched all of it and I'll stick with 3 and 4

  • You're not the only one. A lot of girls feel that way.

  • You are not alone. Count me out though.

    • Why is that?

    • What sounds posh to you sounds snobby to me.

    • I understand, but I'm not into to snobby type
      They all don't have to be this way