Should I volunteer for the Kurdish Army against ISIS?

I just found a contact on Facebook from Sweden who volunteered with 2 other friends to the PKK for the war against ISIS. He is not trolling. His FB profile is full of photos and videos he is uploading regularily and he even got wounded by a mine that was activated by one of his friends.
I have had a military training and am confident about this. Only my most trusted friend knows that I'm thinking about it. What are your thought's? Should I continue sitting on my ass or go help the people where it really is necessary?

''The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.'' - Edmund Burke


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  • if you think this is something you truly want to do go for it. that's one thing most people don't get, if you truly want to help these people you are going to have to fight isis nothing else will help. I personally won't do it, I am not going to go fight for people I don't know who won't fight for themselves

    • I agree with that. Why should I go to fight for someone who doesn't want to fight for his own rights?
      The problem is that this war is coming slowly to Europe as well. They already admitted that more than 4000 of their fighters are smuggled in Europe playing refugees. And I don't think they're bluffing.

    • I don't either, i still think the rest of the world is waiting for America to come in a defeat isis. I can't think of any other reason why all these European countries haven't done something.

  • There are a number of Canadians and americans who have done tours with the kurds fighting ISIS. Some have returned. You might be able to reach out to them to find out about their experiences as well.

    You might want to also contact the 1st north American expeditionary force.

    • Good stuff. Thank you.

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