What do you do if you can't fall asleep?

I just lay on my bed, and my brain decides to be a bitch and it won't stop thinking about nonsense stuffs. :3 Well yeah, I mean I'm totally fine to not getting any sleep for ~ 2.5 days max but I've been sleeping in class lately because I didn't had any sleep the night before. And I think my maths teachers is max annoyed of me already.. 🙈🙈

Sooo, what do y'all usually do when you can't fall asleep? I need some ideas X. X or I'd be like a walking zombie at school. 😣😣

Thank you kind peeps~
Cheers (=


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  • We went over something like this in psychology class. What you DON'T want to do is try to force sleep. Don't lay in bed thinking "I need to go to sleep. I need to go to sleep..." When that happens, you'll only keep yourself awake.

    What you want to do is find something that is relaxing. Often times, it is something like reading a book. Laptops and computer screens (*cough cough* GAG) can keep you awake and will dry out your eyes from the screen. I suggest something like chilling -- reading a book, listening to some calm music, whatever you find that you can relax to.

    Also something to keep in mind is stress and things like that. For instance, a kid may be freaking out about Christmas being the next morning and will keep himself awake from excitement and anxiousness.

    Here's a link to help with that...

    Basically, try to sort out your anxiousness earlier in the day. One example in the link alludes to a thing called free writing (researched by Dr. Pennebaker) to help clear out anxiousness. That consists of simply writing (or typing) out your thoughts on a piece of paper/your computer. The thoughts are just a flow of conscience, whatever-comes-to-mind sort of thing. It is just important you keep writing for 15, 20 minutes. This will help alleviate any pent up thoughts you have to the day, and it doesn't even require talking to anyone. Hopefully this will help with your 'nonsense thoughts.' It isn't for everyone, but from personal experience it actually does kind of work! Then after you can read it back and identify exactly what your anxiousness is as well.

    Hopefully this helps. Good luck in falling asleep :D


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  • - Try not to take any naps during the day as hard as that may be. The naps, while enjoyable and refreshing, cause your sleep cycle to change even more, which mean you won't be able to sleep at a normal time more than likely.

    - Turn off all electronics about an hour or so before bed. I know that is hard in our technology-drive world, but that bright light messes with your sleep cycle as well. It causes your brain to think that it's still daytime and will not go into sleep mode as quickly.

    - Do this breathing technique mentioned in the article below. It is supposed to help relax you and make it easier to fall asleep. I've tried it before, and it does seem to help a bit.

    Good luck! I know how hard it is when you have a million ideas and thoughts running through your head. Hope you can get more sleep soon! :)


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  • What helps is:
    - Don't drink coffee after about 4 PM and don't eat anything with sugar in the last hour before going to bed.
    - Read a book in the last half hour before going to bed.
    - When you really can't sleep, get out of bed for a few minutes, read something for 15 min or so and go back to bed.

    • Coffee is literally my life 💙😅

    • Yeah but do the experiment to stop in late afternoon... and try to limit your consumption to a cup or 6 maximum per day. I'd suggest you do the effort and try it out.
      If it doesn't make a difference you'll feel it. But there's a good chance it will :D
      And than, there are some choices to make... :D

  • A pot of Chinese Silver Rain White Leaf Tea ( White Tea )

    Hot Shower

    Coco/Hot Chocolate

    Go on a long walk

    Smoke pipe tobacco or cigars

    Or talk with someone on here

  • Sleep disorders or result of daytime nap? If its from daytime nap, than u gotta try to sleep until u return to ur normal habit. Try focusing on ur breath when u sleep and try to zone out all the thoughts that may come into yo mind. If its a sleep disorders, u gotta get yo self chk and get sum meds.

    • I don't really take naps, and I don't think it's sleeping disorder tho? But thanks anyways (:

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    • I will, thank you (:

    • Rove u too ma Asian cutie 💏

  • That was me last night lol cause my stomach didn't feel good I just kept turning and trying til I finally slept

  • Tell me when you got a good way cause I haven't slept properly from something about an year I just practice all night and take 2 hour nap in a day so I just sleep for 2 hours a day😶?

    • Uh I don't know.. but there's a few gagers here that gave some good ways to.

    • Mostly all my friends have given me advice about it but they didn't worked 😶

  • You could take a sleeping pill or something to fall asleep, I normally masturbate that always makes me sleepy

  • Masturbate


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  • I found that putting my phone far away, reading a boring (or challenging) book while listening to some music on a very low volume helps me to find the switch and fall asleep but this might be different for everyone - it's still worth a try tho! 😜
    And good luck! 🍀💕

  • -Drink warm milk before going to bed. It helps.
    -Study, I bet that will make you sleepy, lol
    -Sign out of gag, put your phone on the table. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, listen to relaxing music. It might help you to relax and fall asleep easily

    -and simply try not to take afternoon naps. If you won't take naps, your afternoon naps are the reason you can't fall asleep at night

    • Study DOES make me sleepy ;)

      Math homework, bah

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    • Try and let me know if that works for you. haha :)

    • Ahah I will thank you 😊

  • Let me list a few things that work for me :)

    - watch a movie in a language that you don't understand
    - read boring books
    - do something which is physically exhausting before sleeping (go for a run, tidy up your room, clean the kitchen,..)
    - yoga or just some kind of stretching
    - turn your phone OFF
    - write your thoughts down or use a diary to vent! It really helps me.

    Good luck! 💞

    • I think the first one won't work for me ahah 😂 I'd just end up spending my time translating all the words 😂😂

      3 and 4 might work for me rn, I'm gonna try it! Thank you girly 😘

    • Oh whoopss haha!! 😅 No worries, I hope it works 😚

  • I have trouble sleeping. I sometimes read a book. If not, I put on some music or a quiet tv show, like say on my computer on Netflix. I can turn the monitor off and have the noise in the background, for maybe 30 -60 minutes, then the computer goes to sleep.

    If that doesn't work, I'll close my eyes and start creating a story, as if I'm watching a movie in my head. I've lost some good ideas this way haha. But it helps me drift off to sleep.

  • I just usually watch a movie on my phone and it knocks me right out.

  • I usually just open my textbook and I'd be asleep within seconds haha

  • Juat do gym and make ur body tired then you will sleep so well.. people can't sleep if they dont work.