What do you think of the European immigration crisis?

What do you think of the European immigration crisis?
My family were refugees once so I have a vested interest in this myself. I think North America should do its fair share of accepting in refugees.


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  • In Sweden there are A LOT of refugees/immigrants. My aunt actually works with making sure immigrants under the age of 18 get a place to stay, money to survive and putting them to school. I believe it is a great thing that Sweden allows so many refugees, however it is a complicated issue. There are a lot you have to think about when taking in refugees to avoid conflict, and that is to mix up areas a lot so there are a lot of diversity, and not just the Somali community, Eritrean community, Afghan community etc etc. Because if they do have those kind of communities, chances that they make an effort to get along with other people outside their nationality is much much smaller, and in a lot of cases creates gangs, and it also creates conflict because they group up and go against each other.

    I really do believe European should accept refugees though, I mean In Sweden we have so many refugees who have taken up to 7 months to a year to actually get to Sweden, and to be rejected or sent back after all that struggle is really a shame, simply because you want to find some place safe.

    The biggest fear europeans have is immigrants taking over their country by their population being bigger than the native one. It makes them feel like they are losing their country. And also the fear of isis and terrorism makes people fear muslims, when in reality, that is what most of the refugees are running away from in the first place, war and terror.

    The only problem I have is when immigrants act like they are in their own country. Attacking females that don't wear hijab or are not covered up as they would like them to be (quite extreme case but its just an example that can happen) for example, I believe is really wrong. If they are in a new country, they will simply have to conform to that culture, and not disrespect it. If a country accepts you as a refugee, then you should pay your respects in return and not take advantage of it.

    • Yeah, the problem of such a close knit community does tend to create its own problems with the larger national community. I do think that a spiritual revolution is in order as opposed to Christianizing the immigrants (which is still an excellent option in my opinion).

    • Thanks for the MHO 😊😊

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  • America has several programs that have been acce

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      *accepting refugees from Middle East conflicts for decades. Like pre gulf war. There are even special case workers involved so they can better assimilate into western culture. They teach them things like how to shop, how to apply for things like a drivers liscence, how to get through the winter, and other interesting tidbits. It's actually part of the reason places like michigan.

      As for Europe i can only guess. I really don't know what their situation is and it has to be hard to accept influxes of hundreds of people at a time. It all costs money somehow. Even if they gave more money to Turkish refugee camps, it doesn't solve the problem. I'm not sure that Europe being more agressive in the Middle East will even solve the problem at this point.

    • I think America should have more of its own organizations in Europe to help facilitate the transfer of refugees to our shores. Diversity has always been our strength.

    • That I don't agree with. If people want to get here, they'll get here. We already have refugees from South American conflicts to contend with as well.

  • Taking in more refugees is really not fixing the problem. The problem is in syria and the focus should be on fixing the situation there, everything else is pointless.

    • "Fixing the problem" means either support Assad or continue the bloodshed for "democracy"

    • Well unfortunately the way to democracy in many countries has been a long and bloody one. There has to be some solution for it, it can't go on forever.
      Helping people to flee to other countries isn't going to work or even help most of them long term. Governments should be working on fixing the problem, not the symptoms.

  • Another 9/11? No thanks!

  • I think we should welcome the people that are in total need right now!


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  • Even if you are a refugee, you are not even similar to these ones. They are trying to exploit the welfare system of Europe.
    I am not a European nor a refugee. They are using the media to create a hype that they are under threat of genocide or something which they are only faking. They could have stayed in Turkey but they choose to go to Germany and France through Hungary because they think their live will be easy there.
    Fate will come to them even if they are hiding in a cave. No one can stop it.
    They will face pain which they think they have escaped from in Syria.
    Hawthrone effect is what they are doing. Crying on media just to gain sympathy or the people
    Why do they not want to go to Pakistan, or India, or Iran, or Saudia Arabia, or Qatar or Jordanor Romania or Russia or Ukraine or Africa? Because they know they will have to earn their living the right way here but in Europe they think they can feed-off and still whine about being treated badly.
    They want special treatment.
    Those who stayed are real Syrians others are barely humans with no purpose.

    • You have a good point.

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    • Okay, I just wanted to tell you something, Saudi Arabia has given 8hundred thousand Syrians refuge and admitted one hundred thousand Students in there universities etc.
      But they didn't make a big deal out of it. Europeans are partly making propaganda plus Syrians who went to Europe instead.

    • urdu.alarabiya.net/.../...8%D8%A7%D9%86%DB%8C.html

      The above is the link to the latest news. It is in Urdu but you can read it in English as well. Just search as well.
      And Europeans and the Syrians are partly at fault for making very biased andpropaganda filled statements about Muslims.

  • It's funny how when Romania and India offer places for the refugees to stay, they are ignored since they are not wealthy enough even though they actually offered a place. The refugees are not interested in security but in milking the welfare of Germany and other such European countries.

    • "The grass is greener on the other side"?

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    • So, I think both Europeans and Syrians who went there are at fault.
      Europeans actually the countries whose politicians such in Germany made statements that they were more welcoming than Asian countries and Syrians who thought they could get easy life in Europe.

  • There is no correct answer here. No matter what Western nations do here, it'll be wrong to a significant degree.

    That said, there's some damning articles about what Syria's neighbours in the Arab world are doing (nothing):



  • Yes, we should give them a hand. They are people, mothers and fathers with litle children and old people.

    A lot of countries are open, mine is, some of them are more complicated...

    There are a vast number of people offering to help, giving house and food to start.

    But lt's be realistic about some details:
    - they are thousands, so much people that it's complicated for us to be quickler, so please dont think we are evil here...

    - We need to register them all, we cannot allow terrorists (but they will probably enter anyway...), this needs some time again...

    Europe is an old and problematic zone because we are a big grouo of small countries... yes we have racists.. but we do care about people, we might have debt but we care about offering good health services and integration.

    I hope we can share the same territory peacefully.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZ7QnMJpzpE

      Have you guys seen this? A reporter kicking refugees in Hungary, im really ashamed with this person, makes me sick these people with superiority complex. Shame to know there are europeans like this.

      Things in Hungary are becoming complicated... almost people want to go to only some countries and they are afraid to be registered in other countries... :/ it's all messed up.

  • Slightly peeved how everyone changed their mind the second there was a picture. das fucked up.

    • Yeah, it kinda is. It's like we needed World War II to form the United Nations :D

  • By North America we can send them all to Mexico?
    But the US has a lot of immigrants and refugees our immigration laws are lax compared to the E. U

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