Should I help this guy out to let him ask my friend if she likes him?

Ok so I had helped my friend out (it's a girl) because she liked this guy on our bus and she had asked me if I could tell him that someone likes him on the bus, so I did. When I told him, he started guessing names and then he guessed right because he said my friend and I told him maybe and he was like "Yup it's her, I'm going to ask her too". Today, he didn't even ask her and when I got on the bus this evening, he was glaring and smiling at me and he was also doing it when my friend got off the bus. He was glaring and smiling and he said "You lucky that I couldn't ask her today" and I just started laughing. @Paris13 , @Applefan1 , @PrettyRican this is the same guy that I told you that his friends were teasing him about him liking me and he kept saying that he didn't like me but still stares at me a lot, so can you please answer this question :) Should I help this guy out to let him ask my friend if she likes him?

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  • I voted yes. I think it would be a nice thing to do.


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  • He likes You Still, @Ashely_Princes, and will Never... Let him do it on his own with your friend to the end.
    His actions and Now words have shown me that he has not changed his tune about you.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks @Paris13

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    • @Paris13 you're welcome

    • :)) xxoo

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  • You could help him out but the real question you should be asking your self. Do you want too? If its yes then go for it. 😉

  • You should help him.