How do I get rid of this anxiety?

In my life there always seems to be something that goes wrong or something bad happens. When it doesn't, I'm constantly waiting for it. How do I get rid of this anxiety and stop wasting time dreading for something to go wrong.

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  • I mean I would suggest seeking professional help because that helps a lot (I speak from experience) otherwise as per my principal said, "Dont spend your time looking at a clock until the bell ends (in other words, your anxiety) otherwise your life will end up this way"


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  • Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you respond to it. It isn't what you have , who you are , where you are or what you are doing that causes anxiety... it is what you think about.

    You are in control of your own mind , no one else , so to reduce anxiety levels you have to change the quality of your own thoughts. Regardless of a persons circumstances or past , anxiety is only your body reacting to your own negative thoughts.

    Conquer your thoughts and you can take control over your anxiety. Be aware of how you think then challenge your thoughts


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  • Therapy really helps. I've struggled with anxiety all my life and started seeing a therapist and it really does help.

    • I'm thinking about it :) Do you have some tips for coping with anxiety?

    • Meditating helps. You can search on youtube for some guided meditation :)
      And also getting your entire body healthy like eating right and exercising helps improve your mental health as well.