Does anyone on here play the game Destiny?

Just curious.

What y'all think of The Taken King expansion?


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  • Yeah, haven't played since the crota dlc though

    • I haven't played in a week. About to play in a few minutes here.
      I haven't been real big on FPS since early 2000s, but I'm a fan of this game.
      It's the only game I ever play at this point.

      The Taken King Tuesday!!

    • I really enjoyed it up until the revisions brought in by the crota dlc. Felt like I was starting over again after so much grinding. Kind of turned me off. That and I could barely hold a k/d ratio of 1 in online play... and iron banner, hell forget about it.

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  • sometimes.

  • No. It's an over-hyped, average at best game where the gameplay is repetitive, the story is practically nonexistent, and you have to grind for days, possibly weeks, for the game to finally be enjoyable.

  • No, but I've thought about it.

    • If you like (d) Halo...
      If you do get it, wait until at least this Tuesday and get the new DLC coming out. $60 for everything up to date versus $140 for the whole package bought separately through DLC expansions.(from new)

    • Okay.