Would it be creepy if I added someone in my city on facebook who doesn't really know I exist?

I just moved to a new city and don't know anyone here, but there is this one guy who works at the market right in front of my place that I always go to who reminds me of someone back home and I creepily found him on facebook because of his name tag... how wrong would it be for me too add him? Haha I'm not one to do this at all but I don't know anyone here and I don't care much if he doesn't accept it either because, again, I don't know anyone, I just don't want my fist impression here be this random girl who added me because she saw my name tag, you know? lol

Update, I did do it, and no we have never talked before so I realized that was creepy on my part but he looks so much like someone I know I just had to do it lol. Messaged even, shouldn't have, hope he doesn't reply lol. I feel like a total creep! But oh well, I'll live and honestly wish I hadn't but lol oops. Maybe avoid that store for a while though lol.


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  • creepy? not so much, that would totally make my day...


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  • No, I get that all the time.